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          Pipe expander manufacturers only support customer orders
          Time:2022-06-13 07:57:49  Clicks:
          Pipe expander manufacturers only support customer orders

          Pipe expanding machine is mainly used for the equipment with insufficient production and incomplete specifications of large diameter seamless steel pipe. The equipment is double cylinder or four cylinder parallel equalizing speed drive machine, the pump station valve platform adopts integrated form. According to the outer diameter and length of the expanded steel pipe, set the power of the intermediate frequency heating power supply, the thrust and stroke of the oil cylinder.

          The pipe expander has the following components: hydraulic pipe expander host, automatic loading and unloading material structure, hydraulic pump station, piping device, console, motor control cabinet, intermediate frequency power supply, compensation capacitor, water cable, intermediate frequency coil regulation frame, reactor. The pipe expander enlarges the diameter of the large pipe with φ 1520mm and the wall thickness with 120mm.

          The pipe expanding machine can provide a series of pipe materials according to the customer. When customers order pipe expander, we can clearly understand the different types of pipe expander and the different production sizes and materials. According to the model provided by the customer, we will produce the pipe expander satisfactory to the customer within the time range signed with the customer. The pipe expanding machine has the advantages of simple operation, high production efficiency and low cost.

          Pipe expanding machine manufacturers support direct sales, in the production of steel pipe mainly using hot expansion. It is the main equipment of steel pipe processing.

          Cangzhou Aiguang machinery equipment Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of pipe fitting equipment, the main equipment is: elbow machine, bending machine, expanding machine, press, groove machine, aligning machine, straight seam welding pipe production line. As well as the supporting mould of the above pipe fitting equipment, welcome the users who need to inquire and order!

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