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          The importance of elbow oil cylinder cleaning
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          The importance of elbow oil cylinder cleaning  

          For each user who orders our elbow machine equipment, the cleaning process of the hydraulic cylinder worn by the elbow machine is introduced. First of all, you should know the hydraulic cylinder you need to remove, and measure it before removing it, and pay attention to the position and size of the oil port.  The next step is to remove the cylinder bottom, cylinder head and guide sleeve.  Remove the piston rod from the cylinder tube.  To prevent damage to the piston rod, come down and remove the piston.  Pistons are usually adjacent to threads, but have stop threads.  To remove the seal ring, remove the stop and return screws first.  When there are more than one hydraulic cylinder in a hydraulic system, it is necessary to connect the valve at the outlet of the pump.  Install solenoid valve.  This valve controls the pressure of your entire system.  When the cylinder is not rising, the pressure can be released from the nominal pressure.  Under nominal pressure, the valve closed hydraulic cylinder can be used normally, electric control overflow is smooth and convenient.  

          Bend machine in the order the company production of bend machine equipment, need to keep in a certain period of time to a cleaning of oil cylinder, through the above cleaning process, bend machine wear can prolong the service life of hydraulic oil cylinder, ensure that bend machine in the working process of the high production efficiency, reduce the bend machine in the production of some unnecessary trouble in the work.  

          Elbow machine manufacturers mainly produce all kinds of pipe fitting equipment, such as: elbow machine, tee machine, press, beveling machine, pipe bending machine, expanding machine, aligning machine, straight seam welding pipe production line and other equipment.  The above pipe fitting equipment is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the customer order, after the customer is satisfied with the test machine, transport to the customer designated place. 

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