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          Industry News
          Processing technology and production efficiency of pipe expanding machine
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          Processing technology and production efficiency of pipe expanding machine  


          Expanding machine is a steel tube manufacturer mainly choose pipe equipment on the production technology and production efficiency is higher than other equipment production skills, thermal expansion tube steel tube two step push pipe expander cone die swell skills, intermediate frequency induction heating skills, hydraulic skills, skills and reasonable, low energy consumption, low construction investment, raw materials and goods standard broad adaptability,  Flexible and simple low-input batch adaptability replaces traditional stretching skills in steel pipe industry.  In recent years, it is difficult to deal with the supply of large-caliber steel pipe, and the hot expansion steel pipe has become the main commodity source of large-caliber steel pipe shortage, which is a serious supply situation of large-caliber steel pipe market.  Adopting the fine rolling process of cross rolling or rafa to enlarge the diameter of steel pipe, adding steel pipe in a short time, can produce the special type of seamless pipe with standard cost, low cost and high production efficiency, which is the development trend of rolling pipe range in the world.  

          At present, various types of variable diameter steel tubes are used in industrial and agricultural production fields.  For example, the car fuel tank filling tube is one of them.  The variable diameter steel tube is made of an equal diameter steel tube by cold working through kneading and expansion.  For a long time, the expansion of steel pipe is processed by selecting punch press or hydraulic press, but there are many problems in this method.  For example, impulse and speed are difficult to control, and the rupture rate of pipe expander is high.  According to the production needs, combined with the actual situation, the choice of hydraulic technology to develop a new hydraulic pipe expanding machine.  

          In order to improve the production capacity of pipe expanding machine and increase economic benefits, many companies improve the pipe expanding machine and the operation of pipe expanding machine.  The new pipeline expander currently selected adds two main hydraulic cylinders on the basis of the original, making the promotion run from the original two steps to one step.  Add a set of clamping roller equipment, make the material preparation operation more simple, greatly save time.  Through the improvement of the pipe expanding machine, the structure and operation function of the pipe expanding machine are further improved. It has the characteristics of low capital, high power, stable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance, which can meet the production requirements and functions of the company, reduce capital and improve economic benefits.  

          The company mainly produces various types and specifications of pipe fitting equipment, such as: pipe expanding machine, elbow machine, tee machine, beveling machine, straight seam welding pipe production line, bending machine, straightening machine and other molds.  Welcome users who need the above pipe fittings and equipment to our company to visit and order! 

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