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          Medium frequency elbow machine is the choice of elbow pipe fitting customers
          Time:2022-06-10 08:37:21  Clicks:
          Medium frequency elbow machine is the choice of elbow pipe fitting customers  

          Customers in the need to make elbow machine pipe fittings equipment, the first consideration of our company's production of intermediate frequency elbow machine, intermediate frequency elbow machine is the main equipment to manufacture elbow, elbow fittings quality assurance, intermediate frequency elbow machine in the process of pushing elbow forming is the important process of forming production.  

          The material and shape of midfrequency elbow mandrel are important process parameters for direct control of design and manufacture.  The mandrel head of intermediate frequency elbow machine is generally stainless steel, which is relatively cheap, low cost and long service time.  

          Medium frequency elbow machine simple installation process: elbow machine needs to clamp the mold and fixed centering shaft.  The device of elbow machine: first put the elbow machine clamping mould into it, and then Pierce the fixed mandrel.  Adjustment of elbow machine: first fix and relax the clamping mould seat of elbow machine, then put the control panel into manual form, press the clamping button until the end of steamed bread act.  Adjust the adjustment screw of steamed bread seat, so that steamed bread and wheel mold are closely combined.  Press the remove clamp button to remove the clamp screw, then turn the clamp screw clockwise about 1/2-1/4.  Then use the nut lock to fix the steamed bun seat.  

          Intermediate frequency elbow machine is a device for pushing and forming elbow.  At present, elbow mainly by elbow machine and elbow push mechanism.  First of all, look at the speed of the elbow machine.  Then look at the customer ordering elbow machine needs to mass produce elbow pipe products.  

          The intermediate frequency bender requires a hydraulic station supporting a large volume tank to adjust the propulsion speed by adjusting the flow rate of the control valve.  The hydraulic system adopts integrated oil circuit and electromagnetic overflow technology, which greatly reduces the heat and energy consumption of the hydraulic system and optimizes the whole working environment.  

          The company mainly produces medium frequency bending machine, medium frequency pipe bending machine, three-way machine, medium frequency pipe expanding machine, medium frequency expanding machine, beveling machine, straight seam pipe production line, straightening machine and other molds.  Welcome your consultation. 

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