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          Do you know the advantages of bending machine?
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          Do you know the advantages of bending machine?  


          Hebei Aogang pipe fitting equipment factory mainly produces large-caliber pipe fitting equipment such as: elbow machine, tee machine, pipe expanding machine, press, beveling machine, straight seam welding pipe production line, aligning machine, the above pipe fitting machinery mold, our company according to the requirements of customers to provide manufacturing molding.  

          Elbow fittings produced by elbow machine are mainly used in pipe turning. Elbow machine is the main equipment for making elbow fittings, mainly producing elbow fittings and wall thickness with 1-2.5D radius of curvature.  With the development of our company in different aspects of production and improvement of technology.  Bending machine has customer satisfaction in the market.  At the same time, elbow machine also constantly improve the operating system, our company's current advanced operating control system is automatic feeding and automatic production.  Elbow machine is equipped with four cylinder thrust machine and other hydraulic thrust equipment.  The equipment is equipped with intermediate frequency power heating system, constant temperature control system, can realize one person control multiple equipment, energy saving health, smooth operation and other functions.  

          Bend machine structure design: seat rails, main cylinder and the support plate, activities before pushing plate, support plate, feeding device, intermediate frequency coil control device (intermediate frequency heating coil, bend mold, mold rod), intermediate frequency power supply heating equipment, electrical control system, hydraulic control system, work station (touch screen), cooling water system, etc.  

          The driving device of elbow machine: hydraulic press (elbow correction and correction), elbow correction mold, elbow correction mold, elbow bevel machine, steel pipe saw machine, high temperature lubricant (graphite) spraying equipment for inner wall of steel pipe.  

          The elbow machine moves forward under its push, heating, expanding and bending during movement.  The deformation characteristic of hot push elbow is that the diameter of tube blank is determined according to the constant volume of metal material before and after plastic deformation.  The diameter of most billets is less than the diameter of the elbow.  The deformation process of steel billet is controlled by core mold.  It is a compression of metal flow at the inner arc, compensating for other parts that have been thinned by radial expansion, thereby achieving uniformity.  

          Aoguang machinery equipment co., Ltd. produces the elbow machine beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness, continuous production only production, use in batch production processing users.  Bend machine manufacturers welcome users who need to produce bend pipe fittings to visit our company. 

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