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          Operation function of pipe fitting equipment
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          Operation function of pipe fitting equipment  

          Operation function of pipe fitting equipment: pipe fittings used in pipeline installation are mainly made and formed by pipe fitting equipment. In terms of manufacturing operation, it can be divided into automatic or semi-automatic.  General customers will explain the operation function with our company's engineers when ordering pipe fitting equipment.  The company provides customers with a material manufacturing customer satisfaction recognized pipe fitting equipment.  

          There are many kinds of pipe fitting equipment: it can be divided into: elbow machine, tee machine, pipe expanding machine, beveling machine, press machine, straight seam welding pipe production line and other above pipe fitting equipment molds.  Customers ordering the above pipe fitting equipment can manufacture a variety of pipe fitting types, such as;  Elbow, tee, size head, pipe cap, flange, steel pipe, etc.  Select connections, materials and processing types according to customer needs.  

          According to the usage, it is divided into: pipe fittings used for connecting pipes with each other: flange, splice, pipe hoop, clamp, clamp, throat hoop, etc.  

          Pipe fittings that change the direction of pipe: elbow, bend.  

          Pipe fittings to change pipe diameter: reducing pipe (reducing pipe), reducing elbow, branch pipe table, reinforcing pipe.  

          Add pipe branch fittings: three, four.  

          Pipe fittings for pipeline sealing: gasket, raw tape, thread hemp, flange blind plate, pipe plug, blind plate, sealing head, welding plug.  

          Pipe fittings used for pipe fixing: clasp, hook, lifting ring, bracket, bracket, pipe clamp, etc.  

          Pipe fitting equipment operation: simple operation, high production efficiency, low cost, long service life and other functions.  

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