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          The pipe expanding machine manufacturer guarantees the quality of the equipment
          Time:2022-05-26 08:01:58  Clicks:
          The pipe expanding machine manufacturer guarantees the quality of the equipment  

          Expanding pipe machine equipment manufacturers are mainly manufacturers direct sales, price concessions, quality assurance, after-sales perfect, welcome users who need to expand pipe machine to visit the factory to order!  We support online purchase, to provide customers with low prices, all users who order pipe expansion machine our company to ensure the quality of equipment and long service life.  

          In expanding production system control of intermediate frequency power supply will be steel tube heated to the required temperature and constant, especially in the thermal expansion of high alloy steel pipe, more can reflect the system adapt to thermoplastic deformation temperature region superiority of narrow, effectively avoid the human factors caused by the alloy steel pipe burnt (high temperature) produced by the decline in the quality of steel pipe products and mold scrapped,  At the same time, the phenomenon of rod or die fracture caused by thrust increase of thermal expansion unit due to too low temperature is avoided.  To ensure the smooth operation of the thermal expansion unit,  

          The constant temperature system will be interchanged medium frequency power supply with constant temperature heating one, thus ensuring thermal expansion pipe heating is always in a state of constant temperature, compared with the manual operation of steel pipe heating, energy-saving health, simplify the procedures, reduce the labor costs, can achieve a operators at the same time monitoring the ten more normal production expansion tube expanding unit,  And can be programmed by pressure, speed, temperature overload protection.  In the expansion production due to the expansion unit pressure is too high and caused by the unstable factors.  

          Each unit is equipped with two temperature measuring points for automatic temperature control. According to the preset heating temperature of different grades of steel pipe, the heating temperature of steel pipe to be expanded can be selected and kept constant. Real-time display and record can be carried out, and real-time curve and historical curve of heating temperature parameters can be printed and saved.  At the same time, it will automatically store the relevant temperature, time, working pressure, speed and other related information to ensure the traceability of data.  

          Specification: diameter φ60 ~ φ1420mm, wall thickness 3 ~ 120mm, length 3 ~ 24m.  Can be expanded to various materials of steel pipe (such as P91-92/T91-92, Q235, Q345, 45#, A106B-C, 12CrMoV).  

          The equipment mainly includes: machine base, main oil cylinder support plate (including main oil cylinder), movable push plate, front support plate, automatic feeding structure, feeding roller table, mold support, intermediate frequency coil adjustment frame (including intermediate frequency heating coil), intermediate frequency power supply, electrical control system and so on  

          Pipe expanding machine equipment manufacturers have rich manufacturing experience, stable production process, pipe expanding machine equipment in the operation process is simple, high production efficiency advantages.  

          All users who order expanding pipe machine equipment in our company, our company guarantees installation and debugging for customer service. If there is a problem, our company will solve it for you within 24 hours.  

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