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          Recommend elbow pusher to users who need them
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          Recommend elbow pusher to users who need them  

          Elbow push machine can push a variety of specifications of elbow push machine the main role of each component and the whole process of production: after the support frame and support key support point cylinder, to ensure that the horizontal and vertical parts of the cylinder accurate.  In the operation process, the cylinder is pushed forward, the push plate is pushed forward, and the manufacturing tube is placed in front of the push plate.  The push plate is flipped over on the bottom track and is fitted with assist bars on both sides to ensure the accuracy of the equipment.  The front of the pipeline is mounted on the channel support frame to ensure that the axis of the pipeline is in the degree part, so as to achieve accurate and specific guidance of the general direction, save employees' time and improve economic benefits.  

          Elbow push machine is basically the basic principle of production and processing: elbow machine is a kind of core and Angle core as a mold shell with a certain three-dimensional geometric shape and size, after welding welding has a very long core rod.  The length of the core rod depends on the length of the pipe material, specifications and total.  Before promoting, the promoted tube material is threaded into the core rod from the end of the core rod and then sent to the push plate.  When promoting, the push plate gradually promotes the tube material forward.  When the front of the tube blank gradually enters the heating ring, the heating will be done immediately to push the tube material to gradually thermoplastic deformation, resulting in bending deformation.  At the same time, with the diameter swelling and deformation deformation, the elbow gets rid of the core.  At present, the bend has been promoted to shape.  

          Elbow push machine installation process is simple: elbow push machine must clamp mold shell to fix the fixed shaft.  Elbow machine equipment: first put the elbow forming machine clamping die into the fixed mandrel.  Elbow machine adjustment: first fixed fixed elbow machine clamping die seat, then manually place the operation panel, press the clamping button, until the clamping personal behavior is completed.  Adjust the adjusting screw of the holder to make the holder closely related to the wheel die.  

          The head of the elbow pusher and part of the bed lift the building reinforcement scheme, according to the annealing treatment to remove the internal stress of the internal structure.  The value has sufficient strength and bending stiffness to avoid deformation.  Drive system machine tool spindle equipment is inserted into the top of the head, placement precision, convenient maintenance.  

          Elbow push machine in the production process of simple operation, high production efficiency, long service life, low price and other advantages.  

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